Dating Issues

Dating IssuesThere are a wide variety of issues that people have with dating. Ranging from being a single parent and dating to dating with a low income, this dating advice section is sure to help you with your concerns. Everyone is different and have their issues with dating. It is perfectly normal to need dating advice, but regardless of your dating concerns, there are solutions to most of them.

Dating Myths

Dating myths are hazardous in the dating world. Find out here six of the oldest dating myths and why you should ignore them.

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Dating on the Rebound

Do you find yourself jumping from one relationship straight into the next? Take a look at this article to see why you could be doing more harm than good.

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Blind Dates

Are you thinking of going on a blind date? Are you unsure about blind dates? This article outlines what blind dates are all about and how they can be successful.

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Surviving a Break Up

A break up is always a difficult time for everyone involved. Read our tips and advice on how to cope after a break up and the best ways to help you to move on.

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Dating on a Budget

Dating doesn’t have to be an expensive experience to be successful. With creativity and imagination you can have a perfect date on a budget suited to you.

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Dating Dislikes

Dating dislikes vary and one persons dislike is an attractive feature to another. Read up on common dating dislikes that most people agree on.

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