Blind Dates

Blind Dates

What is a blind date?

A blind date is when two people who don’t know each other go on a date together. It can be arranged by mutual friends, a family member, or a work colleague. Meeting through a dating service, such as Completely Free Dating, and arranging to meet can be classed as a blind date, although you would have been in regular contact beforehand.

Do blind dates work?

Many successful relationships have been the result of a blind date, so yes, they can work. Like with any date, whether arranged by you or someone else, there will be occasions where you and your date will get along and have a connection with each other, but there will also be occasions where you will find you aren’t compatible, but this is something you won’t know until you go on a date together. Often there needs to be an initial attraction between two people before a date is arranged, but this is something that a blind date misses. You trust the judgement of friends or family to set you up with someone they think you will like. It often depends how well your friends know your likes and dislikes in a potential date. If you find yourself on a date that isn’t going well, it helps if you know how to easily put a stop to the situation. Please see our article on what to do when a date does not work out.

Is a blind date for me?

You can’t say blind dates never work; for some, they have been very successful. Not everyone will agree to go on a blind date, but it often depends on your outlook on the situation. If you aren’t having much luck in the dating field, you may be feeling a bit disheartened and not in the mood for meeting a stranger. However, with each new person, you meet you never know what could happen. The attraction between two people cannot be predicted, so if you attend a blind date with little enthusiasm you could be pleasantly surprised with who awaits you. The last thing you want is to turn down an opportunity to meet someone new who could potentially be suited to you. Having said that, if you find dating very stressful and you don’t handle disappointment well, then attending blind dates may not be a good idea.

How is a blind date different?

A blind date is often arranged by a friend, work colleague or family member between you and someone they know or even a friend of someone they know. Although you will feel like complete strangers, you will always have something in common, which is knowing the same people who arranged the blind date. Blind dates are different as you put your faith in others to set you up with someone they believe you will get on with. They take away the ‘meeting and arranging a date’ process, which is an aspect of dating many people struggle with. The only thing you will have to think about is what clothes to wear on your date.

Blind Dates – Positives

  • A blind date saves you having to approach someone and make arrangements yourself.
  • You can ask mutual friends questions about your date beforehand.
  • There is a chance you will get on, due to the date being arranged by people who know you both and know your likes and dislikes.
  • Knowing the same people will give you something to talk about on your blind date.
  • You have nothing to lose, only gain; whether it is just experience or even a relationship.

Blind Dates – Negatives

  • Blind dates can be awkward, especially if there is no attraction between you.
  • If you find you have nothing in common conversation can be difficult.
  • You put your entire faith in your friends and their judgement may be different to yours.
  • Blind dates can be stressful and emotional, particularly if it doesn’t go well.
  • It is easy to feel pressurised into attending a blind date.

It is important to remember that everyone is different and like different qualities in people. You can’t guarantee that two people will get on, but you can’t be sure that two people won’t. Don’t rule out a blind date opportunity until you really think it through. There is just as much chance of a date having the same outcome whether you arrange the date yourself, or have a blind date arranged for you. Read our article on Meeting in Person before you attend a blind date, which gives advice on how to stay safe on your date.

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