Dating Dislikes

Dating Dislikes

Dating likes and dislikes differ from person to person. One person’s dating dislike may be an attractive feature for someone else and vice versa. However there is a selection of dating dislikes that the majority people agree on.

Bad Hygiene

Bad hygiene is a major turn-off for anyone. Whether you are male or female, there is no excuse for having bad hygiene. A date is usually planned, so you always have time to prepare and get yourself looking and smelling great. Remember that first impressions are important and you don’t want to be remembered for having bad breath or terrible body odours. There is nothing worse than kissing someone who has dirty teeth and bad breath, so make sure your mouth has been freshly cleaned with a toothpaste and mouthwash. Before a date it is recommended that you shower, shave, wash your hair, clean your teeth, wear deodorant, comb or brush your hair, put on some perfume or aftershave, but only a little of the good stuff, and make sure you are dressed in clean freshly washed and ironed clothes. It takes more than just a quick comb of the hair and a change of shirt to prepare for your date and hygiene is an area often overlooked. See style tips for dating for further advice.


Many people tell lies on a date, usually because they want to impress the other person and appear more exciting and interesting than they actually are. Some people just over exaggerate the truth, but others try to change who they really are. Whether you tell a little white lie or a whopping big lie, remember that sooner or later the truth will come out. Starting a date with a lie will only end in disaster and possibly result in someone getting hurt. People appreciate honesty and if you are truthful to them, you stand a greater chance of them being honest with you. From the very beginning be open about yourself and tell the truth if asked about marriage, kids or work. If you can’t be honest on a date, how can you expect a relationship to develop? When your lies are out in the open, you will have lost the two main keys to a successful relationship, honesty and trust.


Talking about your personal financial situation on a date is not recommended, and neither is asking your date about theirs. Money can be a touchy subject and should be avoided. If you happen to be financially well off then don’t boast about how much money you have. You may have the intention of impressing your date, but all you will actually end up in doing is making them feel uncomfortable, especially if they don’t have as much money as you. Perhaps wait until you have had a number of dates and know the person a little better before you even bring money into the discussion. If your date only appears interested in talking about your money, then be careful that they are not gold diggers and only interested in talking advantage of you. You want people to want to date you for being you, not what possessions you own or how well off you are. If you don’t have much money, don’t pretend you do by taking your date to a swanky restaurant. Keep the dates affordable, otherwise your date may come to expect costly venues. Remember a date is all about what you do and how much fun you have and not how much money you spend. See our article on first date ideas to suit all budgets and our article dating on a budget.

Getting Drunk

Drinking and dating do not mix well. Although one alcoholic beverage before a date for courage is acceptable, any more than that could lead to a disastrous date and that’s if you are sober enough to remember to turn up. If possible, try to use a method other than drinking to calm your nerves before a date. By drinking you risk not remembering the date, behaving like an idiot and possibly ruining any chance of a relationship. Becoming drunk can also make you vulnerable as it impairs your judgement, and if you are on a date with someone you barely know, you may be putting yourself at risk. Getting drunk on a date is not the best way to leave a good impression. No one likes to listen to someone slurring their words and wobbling about, and at worst having someone be sick in front of you. If you and your date enjoy drinking, maybe leave that for future dates once you know a bit about each other.


Bragging and talking about yourself throughout the whole date is a major turn-off. Bragging about materialistic objects, money and your job will only make your date feel uncomfortable and leave the impression that you are arrogant and selfish. There is no harm in being proud of what you have achieved in life, but try to find a balance between saying too much and too little about your success. If you wish to talk about a successful area in your life, for example your job, tell them a bit about it then ask your date about their job and appear interested even if it is unexciting compared to your job. If you have difficulties with conversation on a date, read our article first date conversation for some guidance.

Being Late

Being late for a date, especially a first date is not advisable. If you are running a little behind, ring them and let them know. If you are very late and haven’t informed your date, then the chances of them being at the venue by the time you finally show up is unlikely and they will be left thinking you have stood them up. Being late for a first date will show your lack of respect for the other person. Ask yourself how you would feel if your date left you standing outside a venue or sitting alone inside waiting for them to show up. Waiting alone can be embarrassing and even daunting and not leave a good first impression with your date.

Dress sense

It is important to dress appropriately for a date, especially a first date and it is important that you look your best. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear expensive designer clothes or a suit. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you can wear any old outfit. You may feel comfortable wearing your jogging trousers and baggy t-shirt around the house, but this is not the attire for a successful date. Imagine how you would feel if your date arrived looking like they hadn’t bothered to make an effort. Turning up to a date wearing the wrong clothing can be a major turn-off. There is no point in wearing a fancy suit or dress if you have arranged a casual date such as bowling or ice skating. If you are planning on meeting your date in a bar or restaurant, it is better to be slightly overdressed than under-dressed. Also, turning up for a date wearing tight, revealing, too short clothes can give the wrong impression, especially for a lady, and wearing scruffy stained clothes gives the impression that you really don’t care about the date. See the article what to wear on a first date and what clothes to wear on a first date for some clothing guidance.

Using Mobile phones

A date is not the appropriate time to be attached to your mobile phone. Not only is it rude and annoying, but you will also make your date feel uncomfortable. You are on a date to spend time with a special person, not to text or chat to your friends every five minutes. Be sensible and respectful and leave your phone on silent in your pocket or bag.


It is not a good idea to mention your ex-partner while on a date, particularly a first date. You are there to meet someone new and look towards the future, not to talk about the past. Not only will you make your date feel uncomfortable but you risk the date ending in disaster. You wouldn’t like it if your date talked in-depth about their ex-partner, so it’s not a good idea to talk about yours.


For many people, not everyone, smoking is a major turn-off. If both you and your date smoke, then it may not even be an issue. However, if one of you smoke then it may become a problem. Some people find smoking a disgusting habit and detest the smell of cigarette smoke, plus the thought of kissing someone with smoker’s breath could be enough to make them feel sick. If you smoke and your date doesn’t then it is advised that you are considerate around them. Ask if they mind if you smoke, and if they do, then try to keep your smoking to a minimum when you are around them, otherwise, you will show a lack of respect for your date. Remember, smoking is a personal habit and not everyone wishes to share it with you. Most venues for a date don’t allow smoking, so this could become difficult if you keep popping out to find somewhere to have a cigarette. If possible, try not to wander out every five minutes for a cigarette as it will probably become annoying for your date plus make them feel uncomfortable, which is the last thing you want to do on a date.

Some of these dating likes and dislikes can be responsible for a date being unsuccessful. Our article bad dating habits that keep you single outline some more reasons which could explain why some dates do not go well.

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