Online Dating Myths

Online Dating Myths
Online dating myths are just that, myths. More often than not, those who have never even tried online dating, or those who have tried it and expected instant results spread these myths. These damaging rumours have existed since the start of online dating, giving it a bad name, but they shouldn’t put you off. Online dating is a great way to meet new people, giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself to a wider range of people at a time convenient to you.

Myth 1 – Only desperate people join online dating sites

Online dating isn’t the last chance to find love; it is simply another method of meeting potential partners. Dating websites aren’t full of desperate people, you may get the odd one, but you get those offline too. Normal people who simply want to meet new people in their own time and in the comfort of their own home use online dating. Dating websites offer those with a busy schedule the opportunity to meet people, who they wouldn’t normally have the time to find, any time of day or night.

Myth 2 – People on dating sites lie

Although hiding behind a dating profile makes it easier to lie, the majority of people who use dating websites realise that one day they’ll be taking their relationships offline, therefore don’t want to start a relationship based on lies. Some people exaggerate about certain personal aspects, such as how fit and active they are, or add an inch to their height and subtract a few years off their age, but that’s only a small number of people. In reality, someone can lie to your face just as much as someone you meet online. Overall, most people using online dating sites who are serious about meeting a potential future partner tend to be honest about their lives.

Myth 3 – Online dating is really easy

Easy to click the ‘join’ button it may be, but online dating is no less emotionally stressful than dating in the real world; it’s just more convenient. With the worry of having to complete an enticing profileupload the perfect photo, take the time to write well-structured messages, deal with rejection, worry about how you’re coming across to other members; it’s clear to see that online dating isn’t ‘easy.’ Additionally you can’t just complete a profile and sit back waiting for offers to fly in; you need to work at it and try to make it successful for you. Start the ball rolling by viewing other profiles and send some messages.

Myth 4 – Beautiful people don’t join online dating sites

This myth is very untrue. All sorts of people from different backgrounds join dating websites. Whether they’re tall or short, petite or large, you find a mixed variety on of people online, as you would if you went out to meet people on a Saturday night. Additionally, people see the beauty in different ways and have their own standards; therefore one person’s idea of beauty is another person’s average.

Myth 5 – Online dating doesn’t work

There are many success stories from people who have met their partner online, therefore it can and does work. Those who say otherwise have just been unfortunate with their experience, or have never even tried it. It can take time to meet someone you feel you’d be compatible with; therefore it’s important not to give up and not to expect instant success.

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