Choosing the Right Online Dating Profile Photo

The photo you choose to put on your online dating profile is very important. It will be the first thing a lot of people look at, so it is vital that you give off a good first impression.

Below are our top tips for choosing the right online dating profile photo.

  • Make sure the photo(s) you choose to upload is of good quality
  • Use an up-to-date image
  • Use a photo of you on your own so people know who the profile is for
  • Have a friendly expression on your face
  • Make sure you are looking into the camera
  • Use a head shot image
  • Try to have a neutral background. A fussy background can take the attention away from you
  • Use a photo that is different or unusual so it will stand out, but make sure it shows your face clearly
  • Don't use a passport photo as this could look too formal
  • Don't use a photo of you out partying as it could create the wrong impression
  • Use a photo that looks like you and not a makeover photo where you are unrecognisable
  • Don't use a photo where your face is covered up, for example: wearing sunglasses
  • Don't use images of you with no clothes on
  • Don't include any personal information on your photo, for example: your email address
  • Don't use any sexual images, it can be offensive and will be removed from the site
  • Don't make your pet the centre of attention
  • Don't use any photos with children in them
  • Don't use photos of your favourite cartoon or celebrity