If my mobile phone rings during a first date, should I answer?

In general no, you are on a date to spend time with them, not to chat to others on the phone. If it’s important then they’ll leave a message on your voicemail. If you are really concerned about who has called you, take a quick look at your phone. If it’s important, such as regarding a family member, then pop to one side to make a quick phone call. If you’re at a restaurant have your phone on silent and pop to the toilets if you want to check any voicemails. If you’re in the middle of a date and your phone rings, your date may assume you’ve asked a friend to make an “urgent call” as an escape for you.

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May 11, 2016 at 8:57 PM
I disagree - particularly if you are a woman - it is important to make sure that someone knows where you are when meeting a date for the first time and, at some point during that date, rings to check all is ok. Plus there should be an arrangement to ring them back after your date is over to let them know you are home safe and well. When the phone call comes during the date you can apologise to your date and take the call. It need not be a long call, and just in case you cannot take the call privately, pre arrange a code word to signify all Is ok and another one if you need help. Do not tell your date the purpose of the call and certainly do not tell them of your planned post date call.

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