Do I hold their hand on a first date?

Holding hands is perfectly acceptable on a first date, although maybe wait until you’re both settled into the date. Taking their hand to hold from the start might come across slightly forward and not appreciated. It often depends on how you met, how well you know them already and where you have gone for your date. Remember that not everyone likes holding hands, so be gentle and don’t just grab their hand. If your date allows you to hold their hand then it shows they feel comfortable with you. If they pull away it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested in you, it might just mean they don’t like holding hands or they feel it’s too soon to be doing so. Holding onto their arm is a good alternative to holding hands, especially if you’re going for a walk. It still shows you feel comfortable with them, but in a different way.

How do I stop my date holding my hand on a first date?

If you aren’t a fan of holding hands or you just don’t feel ready to hold hands on a date, you must be firm and upfront. Explain that you don’t hold hands on a first date and it’s a rule you never break. That way your date will know not to try again. Never feel pressurised into holding their hand. If they are persistent then you will need to be firmer, never feel pressurised into holding their hand.

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